Grow your travel business faster,
with data that makes sense

To grow, you must reach the people most likely to become your next customers.

To get more repeat bookings and recommendations, you need to know who your best customers are and why they are happy to refer you.

In the right hands, your data will tell you that.

We sift through it and make sense of it, so you can make big decisions based on data-driven evidence.

SPIKE: Grow your travel business faster, without the guess work.


“The data and insight projects that Spike supported South African Airways with proved commercially very powerful, and was at the heart of doubling online revenue in three years.”

Jon Danks, Head of Marketing
South African Airways

“Through analysing our data they’ve helped reveal the key issues under-pinning business performance and thus we’ve been able to work out which ideas to pursue and where to focus our efforts for best results.”

Sarah Bradley, Managing Director
Journey Latin America

“Spike helped us understand our data and our clients in much greater depth than we had previously. The business outcomes were both significant and focused.”

Sam Clarke, Founder & Director
Experience Travel Group

“By providing us with that little bit of extra insight and a deeper understanding of our client profiles, Spike has enabled us to be more strategic in how we communicate with our existing clients and how we go about reaching new clients.”

Alastair Donnelly, Director


We help our clients understand who their customers are, and how to find more of them.

Taking a deep-dive data analysis approach, often combined with personalised online research, we identify customer behaviour and growth opportunities.

We predict outcomes for our clients. For example, which enquirers are most likely to become loyal customers.

Using the latest machine learning technology and techniques we build predictive models – with up to a 93% accuracy.

We help our clients discover and improve their Net Promoter Score.

We have proven that this increases repeat purchase, as well as dramatically improve customer satisfaction.

We help our clients use business intelligence to make data-driven, better informed decisions.

Using the data flowing around your business we develop interactive dashboards to highlight issues and opportunities where you can drilldown to identify the detail.


SPIKE’s founders, Roy Barker and Jon Walton, worked at London marketing agencies across various industries – from well established, global airlines to fast growing, digitally focussed online gambling companies.

Realising that today’s big data technology was not being used to anywhere near its full potential, they founded SPIKE in 2009, to act as the data analyst and translator to uncover and prioritise significant opportunities hidden within clients’ data.

Key to this data optimisation is our predictive modelling capability, where we can use existing data to predict outcomes – with up to 93% accuracy.

Jon Walton
07877 714 344

Roy Barker
07540 451 533

10-11 Lower John Street

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